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Swiftdial: speed dial with smarts

No more digging through 400 contacts.

No more scrubbing through "recents" to find that person you want to call. No more agonizing over who to put in your "favorites" list. No more of the shame of manually dialing a phone number into your $200 smartphone like it's 1995. Swiftdial is a better way to call the people you talk to most.

The speed-dialer that thinks, so you don't have to.

You can swipe down to bring up Swiftdial's lightning-fast search, but after a while, you won't need to—as you place calls, Swiftdial learns who you're likely to call, based on the current time and place. Pretty soon, the people you're most likely to call will appear right on the first screen. There's nothing to set up.

Deceptively simple.

Swiftdial's got a simple interface, but it's powered by sophisticated algorithms under the hood. As you place calls with Swiftdial, it keeps track of when and where you call certain people. (this is all stored on your phone, it's never sent to a server.) When you open the app, Swiftdial tries to predict who you're most likely to call, and it'll show their contacts right on the first screen. Open the app up at work, and you'll see everyone you call during the workday; open it up on a Friday night, and you'll see the people you call on the weekend.